Hollow-mould and full-mould casting

Be it hollow-mould casting or full-mould casting, our special steel castings division gives you the reliability you need in the development and implementation of your casting products due to their expertise from melting to processing.

Material selection and a the right casting design are the key criteria for the effective application of a compression mould. Dörrenberg has played a major part in the development of full-mould casting tool elements right from the start and is one of the most important manufacturers of these elements in Germany today.

We produce:

  • Approximately 200 different materials;
  • Castings up to a delivery weight of approximately 12.000 kg, when C-content > 0.07% ;
  • Castings up to a delivery weight of approximately 10.000 kg, when C-content max. 0.03%;
  • Box dimension size max. 4.300 x 2.200 mm, round 2.200 mm, square 3.000 x 3.000 mm ;
  • 4 induction furnaces 1.000 – 3.500 kg ;
  • 1 arc furnace 10.000 kg, 1 plasma ladle furnace 15.000 kg ;
  • 3 bogie hearth furnaces up to 4.500 x 3.000 x 1.800 mm ;
  • 15 further furnaces for heat treatment .

Corrosion- and acid-resistant special steel castings

  • Fittings and pump equipment;
  • Centrifuges and filter equipment;
  • Kneading and mixing engineering;
  • Food-processing technology;
  • Paper and cellulose;
  • General chemical plant construction.

Heat-resistant special steel castings

  • Heat treatment systems;
  • Pickling systems;
  • Submerged tubes;
  • Furnace bars, furnace rollers;
  • Bending blocks;
  • Grate bars, cooled grate bars.

Wear-resistant special steel castings

  • Wearing oval bushings for extruder systems;
  • Segments for briquetting presses;
  • Straightening rolls;
  • Parts for tunnel boring machinery;
  • Tank bottom lining;
  • Casting moulds, casting vessels.

Tool steel castings

  • Tools for metal sheet forming;
  • Hot-forming tools;
  • Support flanges.