Purchase management is an advanced way of profit increase by changing the perception of costs policy in the company. This is a new business management discipline, that allows the purchase department to influence directly a result of the company’s profit.

As a rule, businesses take full advantage of improving sales and lowering costs. Costs reduction in developed markets is seen as an effective way to increase profits and enhance the company’s value. In Lithuania, this discipline is still limited to the largest and most advanced enterprises. New challenges and market changes encourage business executives to look for new ways to improve their business performance. One such way is the modern management of the purchase process, which can affect up to 90 % of the company’s costs.

Purchase management covers all external acquisitions : raw materials, capital goods, professional services, equipment, information technology, marketing, personnel management, infrastructure and premises services.
JSC „Prosteka“ provides qualified and quality purchase management services : purchase audit and purchase execution.

Purchase audit includes:

  • Analysis of the company’s total costs;
  • Evaluation of purchase procedures and processes;
  • Evaluation of suppliers’ prices and terms;
  • Evaluation of selection process of suppliers;
  • Stock and logistics evaluation;
  • Evaluation of competences;
  • Providing conclusions and recommendations.

Purchase execution includes:

  • Execution of external purchases;
  • Organization of competitions;
  • Maintenance of existing suppliers;
  • Search and selection of new suppliers;
  • Stock maintenance;
  • Organization of logistics;
  • Reporting.

Why choose us:

  • The company employs specialists, who have more than ten years of experience in organization of purchases at different companies;
  • Full confidentiality of data is ensured;
  • Guaranteed business transparency;
  • By ordering our services, you will not need to take care of any purchase issues and will be able to concentrate on developing your business.
  • Also you are free of hiring a purchase manager, organizing work, providing a workplace.