Technical data

Radial fan FAH is an industrial and ventilation fan, which is supplied in a strong, completely welded construction of sheet steel. The coating satisfies Corrosion Class standard C2 (Environmental Class M2). They can also be supplied in other styles with stainless steel, coated with epoxy paint or with high temperature resistant paint. The FAM series is supplied for direct or belt-drive. It is available with three different wheel types.

FAHB has backward curved blades;

FAHP has level backward sloping blades;

FAHR has straight, radial blades.

Flow area:  0,1 – 16,0 m3/s;

Pressure area:  2000 – 9500 Pa;

Max gas temp. in standard perform:  40 oC;

Max gas temp. with cool plate:  300 oC;

Wheel type:  Radial, level;

Power transmission:  Direct drive/ V-belt drive.


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