Manifold services, such as complete tool processing, polishing, jet blasting and coat removal complete the scope of services and performance. This allows us to guarantee optimally aligned treatment. The in-house logistics system supports the integrated surface engineering concept. In times of increasingly short deadlines, it provides for a mode of work organisation that is ideally integrated with customer processes.

Transport service

  • We carry your collection of your order;
  • We offers a regular transport service in various regions;
  • Fast delivery is available.


  • Creating ideal preconditions;
  • By means of polishing, the required surface roughness of the active tool surfaces is achieved without damaging the micro structure;
  • An optimum polishing process creates the best conditions for a subsequent surface treatment.

Coat removal

  • Saving costs through multiple use;
  • Forming and hard-metal tools can be repeatedly used;
  • No costs for manufacturing of completely new tools.

Chemical coat removal:

Removal of coats on steel and hard-metal tools takes place by means of a chemical-thermal procedure, which does not impact the base material. The surface quality is maintained and the polishing requirement reduced.

Mechanical coat removal:

In mechanical coat removal the coat is removed using an abrasive technique. This is accomplished within a short period of time with minor abrasion of the base material. The surface can be levelled and restored for a new coating.

            Design/refurbishment takeover of complete tools

  • Save your resources;
  • Complete project support from construction to heat treatment to hard-material coating;
  • After, for example, coating, we fit the segments back in the main part.


  • Your products does not require additional tool processing capacities;
  • Coated tools will come into operation at the intended date;
  • Straightforward time and cost planning;
  • Reliability of the production process.