Chamotte bricks, molds, mixtures, concrete and cement

History of “TABEX-OZMO” Sp. z o. o. is connected with development of steel industry in Staropolski Okreg Przemyslowy. Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski become a very important centre after The Ostrowieckie Zaklady had been established in 1895. The main goal of a new company was supplying the steel plants with refractory materials. After the Second World War the factory changed it‘s name to “Ostrowieckie Zaklady Materialow Ogniotrwalych”. The industrial development of whole country increased the demand of refractory materials. The factory expanded, modernized it‘s machinery and technological process also increased the range of offered products.

“TABEX-OZMO” Sp. z o. o. started its activity in April 2001 and continue over 100-years old tradition of the Ostrowieckie Zaklady Materialow Ogniotrwalych. In April 2002 the company introduced Quality Management System, which was verified and approved by DET NORSKE VERITAS POLSKA in accordance with ISO 9001:2000. Another proof of the excellent quality is the Certificate ISO 9001:2000 in “Production of refractory layers”. The company further expand the range of goods, modernise processing line and machinery, implement new technologies and adapt production to new market’s trend and clients’ requirement.

The main our goal is to insure the highest level of cooperation, which fulfill an expectations of regular and new customers, to maintain constant development and company’s credibility.

We offer to our customers aluminosilicate products, formed and unformed also insure with highest quality of our products.

We don’t want to see a returning products, that didn’t comply with the requirements, but only returning customers, that are satisfied with the cooperation.

Our quality policy is realized by:

  • Profound requirements identification of current and new customers;
  • Systematical study of customers’ satisfaction;
  • Constant supervision, improvement and optimization of the production processes;
  • Meeting the commitments with honesty;
  • Raising stuff’s awareness about the quality policy;
  • Improvement of the company’s management;
  • Active, fast and effective identifying and resolving of problems;
  • Modernization of machines and installing of new technologies;
  • Brand’s promotion and increase marketing efficiency;
  • Pricing optimization.

Products made by us are used in the following industries:

  • Metallurgy and casting;
  • Coke and cement-lime:
  • Energetic and heating;
  • Ceramics and chemicals;
  • And many others.

We can also make molds according to Clients’ individual blueprints.


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Shaped products:




Standard straight bricks
Double straight bricks
Pavement light bricks
Pavement light bricks
Flue shaped bricks No.2
Flue shaped bricks No.1
Boiler shaped bricks
Bricks shapes for rotary wedge No.2
Bricks shapes for rotary wedge No.1
Keys arch bricks
Side arch bricks
Straight bricks
Keys arch bricks
Side arch bricks
Straight bricks
Side arch skew bricks
End skew bricks
Keys arch bricks
Side arch bricks
Side arch bricks
End arch bonders
Double arch bricks
Side arch bricks

Grating straights