Independent consulting removed from technology brands, customer relations geared to long-term partnerships, enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness − these are the objectives to which the Surface Treatment Division is committed.

Due to their wide-ranging expertise and competences, it is easy for our technical consultants to find the perfect solution for our customers’ demands. Their broad, sector-spanning knowledge is an ideal basis for providing tailored consulting services that incorporates a spectrum, ranging from suggestions for improved construction and design of tools, through defining optimum tool treatment, all the way to process details.

Hard-material coating

With correct application, our CVD, PVD and PA-CVD coating processes guarantee significant extension of service duration and contribute towards improvement of slide and anti-friction properties for tools under abrasive loads.

CVD (Chemical vapour deposition)

  • Highest degree of hardness and adhesion strength;
  • Extension of service life, even for processing of high-strength metal sheets;
  • Also for tools with close tolerances;
  • Special performance increase in combination with CHOHPlus and other special materials.

Fields of application:

  • Cold-forming tools;
  • Heavy-duty tools;
  • Hard-metal tools;
  • Solid forming.

PVD (Physical vapour deposition)

  • Highly efficient coating without changes in shape and dimension;
  • Protection against abrasion and adhesion on the tool;
  • Improved connection of coating due to duplex process;
  • Protection of tools and reduction of adhesions in plastics processing;
  • Head-start advantage due to continuous improvement of coat systems.

Fields of application:

  • Metal sheet forming;
  • Cold solid forming tools;
  • Aluminium and non-ferrous metal processing;
  • Punching and metal cutting tools;
  • Plastics processing (polymer processing).

PA-CVD (Plasma-assisted chemical vapour deposition)


  • Coating of complicated geometries;
  • New coat systems for special applications (hydroforming, mould construction, aluminium die-casting);
  • Cost-effective coating, even of large tools.

Fields of application:

  • Plastics processing;
  • Metal sheet forming;
  • Aluminium processing;
  • Die-casting;
  • High-temperature applications;
  • Hot forming;
  • Extrusion moulding.

PVD-AlCrN (New coating system)

Excellent hot hardness and oxidation resistance are just two of the various properties, that characterize Dörrenberg’s new high-performance coating. It ensures better performance and durability of tools in plastics extrusion or in press hardening.

PVD-AlCrN coating is used for heavy-duty hot-forming, punching and cutting tools and for aluminium die-casting.

Heat treatment

Vacuum heat treatment

  • Creating cost and competitive advantages;
  • Specialisation in high-performance materials;
  • Optimised scheduling of assignments;
  • High unit weights;
  • Customized batch management.

Fields of application:

  • Cold-working steels;
  • Hot-working steels;
  • High-speed steels.

Plasma nitriding

  • The basis for longer service life;
  • Customized processes;
  • State-of-the-art system technology;
  • High unit weights;
  • Process for tools and machine components.

Fields of application:

  • Internal high pressure forming tools;
  • Machine components;
  • Cold-working tools;
  • Hot-working tools.


  • Solid shaping and forming with black thread fillets;
  • Improved service lives for thread rolling tools;
  • Best results due to combination of high hardness and sufficient durability of the thread and tread grooves.

Fields of application:

  • Thread rolling dies;
  • Thread rolling devices;

Induction hardening

  • State-of-the-art system technology ensures economic advantages;
  • Protection against wear and washout of distinctive lines;
  • Quality advantages in connection with wide hardening paths;
  • Cost advantages due to use of grey cast iron materials.

Fields of application:

  • Drawing tools;
  • Blank holders;
  • Dies;
  • Cutting knives;
  • Machine components.